Training - Home Schooling

We provide one-on-one or group training in Home Schooling:

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Don Koonce. I am a former adjunct teacher at Kingwood and Montgomery Colleges specializing in software training. I now have my own studio which enables me to TEACH WHAT YOUR STUDENT WANTS TO LEARN AT THEIR OWN PACE. I find teaching youth very rewarding and am always delighted to teach students who want to learn. I am limiting my computer classes to middle school and high school age students. Students can learn at their own pace. Either one-on-one training or a group of four or less. Students must be accompanied by an adult.

Students have 2 options for one-on-one or group training.

1. Student can sign up for a class listed below for $99/ class. Each class is 12 hours, (4) day, (3) hours/day, (2) week schedule. Can be on Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday schedule. Either morning, afternoon, or evening times. Check with DBK for available times.

2. Student can purchase a block of 10 lab hours at $120. This allows the student the flexibility to work on any software program we offer for any length of time any day of the week. Check with DBK for available times.


  • Digital Imaging/Photoshop I - Learn how to edit and print your digital photos, create photomontages, restore old photos, prepare photos for video, learn how to use a scanner, basics of digital camera.

  • Digital Imaging/Photoshop II- Learn how to apply special effects, create a greeting card, prepare photos for the web, create scrapbook pages.

  • Video Editing I- Learn how to create a photomontage using Adobe Premiere Pro or Elements and burn a DVD. Add music, titles, and artistic transitions to your photos. Learn how to animate titles and photos.

  • Video Editing II- Learn how to import your digital, VHS or 8mm video into Premiere Pro or Elements and burn a DVD. Add photos, music, titles and learn how to animate them. Learn how to convert old audio cassettes to a CD or WAV music file for inclusion in your video.

  • Video Animation- Learn how to create animation for your movie using Adobe After Effects.

  • Web Design I- Learn how to create a rich multimedia Web-site using Macromedia Dreamweaver. Add photos, music, custom backgrounds created in Photoshop.

  • Web Design II- Learn how to add advanced features to your Web-site such as Flash movies, video, and music. Learn how to edit music using Sonic Acid or Adobe Audition.

  • Flash Animation- Learn the basics of Flash and how to create a
    web photomontage with smooth cross disolve transitions using
    Maromedia Flash.

  • MS Office Software:
    PowerPoint - Learn how to create multimedia presentations.
    Publisher - Learn how to create brochures & flyers.
    Word - Word processing
    Excel - Spreadsheets

  • General Computer Skills- Learn how to use Windows Explorer to file
    manage your projects and more.


Edit photos in Photoshop

Edit Videos in Premiere Pro

Create and maintain Wesites
in Dreamweaver and Flash